Can You Be Strong On The Plant-Based Diet?

Can You Be Strong On The Plant-Based Diet?

Kale on ThePlantBasedDiet.comIn one word: YES! Remember Popeye? End of story. Okay, for you non-believers watch this video about Patrick Baboumian, one of the strongest men alive. He became a vegetarian in 2005. Then in 2009 he went vegan. In 2013, he lifted more than 1,200 pounds, fueling his body with a strict plant-based only diet. Today, Baboumian is using his fame of being one of the “strongest men alive” to raise awareness about a vegan diet.

Are you ready to give the plant-based diet a try? You can ease into by eating at least one plant-based meal a day. Join others who are making plant-based eating a lifestyle. Learn more, take The Plant-Based Challenge, click here to sign up.


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