Fresh Vegetable Fruit Juice

Fresh Vegetable Fruit Juice Kale, Apple, Garlic Power Boost Nutrition Drink. Made purely by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. By 2013 nearly 50% of Californians are expected to be obese. That’s due to a SAD diet and sedentary lifestyle. Learn how you can Eat Fit, Get Fit, Live Fit by taking The Plant-Based Challenge. Register today!

Today’s quick tip for fresh vegetable juice is open up your refrigerator and juice whatever is in there. Seriously! I discover new juices all the time by just combining whatever I have in the kitchen at the time. If you’re new to juicing, you might want to start with a base of apple, oranges, or pineapple. This will add the sweetness. The add your other, less sweet vegetables, sparingly. Eventually, you may switch to more of the less sweet vegetables as your tastebuds adapt. I will add garlic or ginger to spice it up. Just don’t add too much or it will burn and may upset your stomach. Check out our juice recipes for more ideas.


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