How Worry Destroys Your Life And What To Do About It

How Worry Destroys Your Life And What To Do About It

Morning thoughts: Wake up to a new day. A beautiful radiant light shining brightly on you. Let go of your worries. Let your mind relax and your soul be enriched by each new moment. Find peace in this moment and allow your mind to leave behind the fear and worries that so frequently reside in your brain. Know that when you hold on to worry, it creates chaos in your life.

The following is from my book: “No Worries: 5 Steps To PEACE, Even in chaos, buy my book, click here.

“Four Characteristics of Worry
1 Worry equals mind clutter/trash (it rots in your head, if you let it)
2 Worry is never alone—fear and anxiety are its roots
3 Worry paralyzes your life, immobilizes creativity, suffocates hope,
and blinds you to opportunities and treasures
4 Worry is a breeding ground for chaos, dissatisfaction, hopelessness,
and poor choices.”

Chose peace and the freedom to let go of your worries. Be alive and present in this moment and you’ll notice beauty and joy that you might have been overlooking! Rather than battle with your worries, take a breath, concentrate on the flow of air in and through your body…gently follow the exhale…inviting a rhythmic pattern of breathing of equal parts in and out to calm and awaken you to the present moment. Namaste.


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