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Planting seeds for healthy living.

I remember the day I wanted to learn more about plant-based eating. Actually, I didn’t know the plant-based diet was what I was looking for.

I just knew that I couldn’t keep eating the way I was.

I was feeling overloaded with protein, in particularly “meat”.

I’ve always been into working out and back in 2008, I had started a new heavy duty fitness program that offered a “healthy, nutritional diet”.

Basically, the diet entailed eating meat at every single meal. I just couldn’t do it.”

I knew there had to be a better way to get my protein and other vital nutrients without feeling so completely stuffed from meat.

Now, I didn’t then and I don’t now hate meat.

But the point is, I didn’t believe that meat in large portions and in every meal was the best and healthiest way to get my protein.

I could tell just by the way my digestion was slowing down and my body and mind were feeling a bit sluggish and run down. Not to mention, I don’t have my appendix so I don’t have the extra good bacteria stockpiled in my body to help fight off colds. (Science has finally figured out, the appendix isn’t a “throw away organ” after all… go figure!)

Anyway, I started intense research and discovered T. Colin Campbell’s book, The China Study. I devoured it. And then I took his training program through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and earned my certificate in plant-based nutrition.

This website was born out of that training.


Just eat a healthy whole-food, (mostly) plant-based diet.

So, what exactly is the plant-based diet?

To me, it’s a diet that is rich in whole-foods from healthy plant-based sources. But, it’s plant-based NOT plant-exclusive, and it’s a lifestyle that nurtures your mind, body, and the planet.

I emphasize this because there are lots of vegan and vegetarian websites and magazines, but I wanted this website to help those in the middle ground–the people who want to clean up their diet, go greener (more plant-based) but maybe aren’t going to entirely cut out meat and dairy products.

I get it! Each of us is unique and has different dietary needs. While some general rules apply, not all can follow a strict diet that eliminates all meat and dairy products.

So I would agree with what author Michael Pollan likes to say, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

I would add, “Exercise daily, say good things to yourself, and treat the planet well.”

That is the essence of this website. To help you live a happy, healthy, (mostly) plant-based lifestyle.

That’s why I create videos, write blog posts, interview people on the same journey, show you awesome exercises and meditational affirmations, and introduce you to healthy products, often, that are produced by environmentally conscientious brands. You can peruse the videos here on this site or visit my YouTube channel, ThePlantBasedDietTV.

Life before the plant-based diet

I know the reality of not living this way from a tragic personal experience and my own health.

My Thai father passed away in 2002 from prostate cancer; this crushed me. He was everything to me and he was only 72-years old, barely retired.

This great loss deepened my thirst to explore “dis-ease”, the causes and the cures.

I searched for the healthiest diet and lifestyles using myself as the “test study.”  From the expert knowledge I received and researched, I healed myself, naturally–without the use of Western medication–of several digestive ailments and “dis-eases” that I was diagnosed with more than a decade ago. Through the adoption of eating a healthy, clean diet based mostly on whole foods and plant-based meals and drinks that are low in acidity and high in water content, I became symptom-free.

I share those recipes here on this website with you.

Why worriless living and mindfulness matter.

Phoebe Chongchua meditating in Phuket, Thailand

Say good things to yourself. Expect greatness in your life.

Life is tough, so why not give your body, mind, and soul a hand up by feeding it the nutritious foods and positive mental stimulation it needs to thrive?

It’s not just what we eat. It’s what we feed our brains that matters as well.

The story that’s deep inside you, the self-talk that’s taking up space in your head is either promoting success or causing you to fail.

So, I needed help myself. I needed a better story for me and being a journalist, I wrote a book. Actually, I wrote it mostly for me but then I let people read it and they encouraged me to share it. It’s really my tool for helping lift my spirits and keep me on the path to success. If you want to check it out, you can find it here: No Worries! Five Steps To Peace Even In Chaos. If you decide to buy my book or any affiliate products on this website, it gives a little bit of a financial boost to help me keep creating content and recipes for you.

Oh, and all the yoga poses, you probably guessed that I dig practicing. I’m a certified Yoga teacher with more than 200+ hours of training and my favorite place to strike a pose is anywhere in nature. Namaste!

My other job?

The Brand Journalism Advantage

I’m a brand consultant and a Top 50 Podcaster To Follow (Cision 2015) for a podcast I do on brand journalism, marketing, public relations, social media, and entrepreneurship. It’s a cool way to learn how to promote this website and it features experts from around the globe sharing what works to give their businesses large and small a competitive advantage. You can check it out in iTunes or on my other website

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