Plant-Protein Shake: Good Morning!

Plant-Protein Shake: Good Morning!

I have to admit that with all the business meetings that I have, often at coffee shops, I get tempted to drink a cup. While a single cup of coffee a day might not be so bad for me, if I have done this for several days in a week, I usually can feel its effects–which for me aren’t so good. Especially,  if I’m having it with dairy products such as cream, I tend to get congested.

And, like most people, the cup of coffee can lead to a pastry, and now I’m heading down the slippery slope of starting my morning with more acidic foods and less alkaline-forming foods. The aim is to have a good balance of about 80/20 of alkaline-to-acid food consumption.

I am not a big eater in the morning but if I can at least get something in my system, the chances are greater that I’ll skip the coffee. So here’s what helps me stave off the coffee urge, a fruit protein shake. I use a few different formulas but most of the time the protein comes from plant (pea, hemp, rice and sometimes includes chia seed).  People ask me which brand to use. There are many but I like LifeTime Life’s Basics and Vega One.

It’s not dairy and it’s tasty too. I will often add some strawberries and mix with water or almond milk in my Magic Bullet blender. Super easy and fast. And so much prettier than coffee. Try it and let me know how it works for you.


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