Products I Love: What & Where To Buy

Products I Love: What & Where To Buy

Following The Plant-Based Diet can seem a bit overwhelming but remember everything is difficult or strange at first. Give it time and you’ll adjust faster and easier than you might think possible.

To help you stick to a mostly plant-based diet (remember, I promote plant-based not plant-exclusive on this website), I’ll introduce you to products, restaurants, and markets where you can get your food, grocery items and equipment.

The great thing about plant-based eating is that it’s very limited cooking. You buy whole-food, plant-based groceries and use some nifty plant-based kitchen equipment to simplify the food prep.

That means more time to enjoy great conversation with family over a healthy, plant-based meal.

Most important, following The Plant-Based Diet will help you shed pounds, sleep better, and feel more energized because you’re reducing the high-calorie, junk food that is so abundant.

So, let’s get started! Check out my plant-based grocery list for some ideas and staple items that I always keep in stock, click here.


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