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Creating A Better YOU, Better World

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The Plant-Based Challenge:

1.) Eat at least one whole-food, plant-based meal every day
2.) Exercise for 30 minutes daily
3.) Practice 30 Worriless Living Affirmations to live the life YOU want
4.) Participate in sustainable and charitable living daily

In just one month, you’ll experience the difference The Plant-Based Diet can do to improve your health. After 30 days we think you’ll be hooked and will continue on forever. It’s FREE to join and receive the content here on The Plant-Based Diet. Why not take the challenge and see how much better you will feel. This is NOT a is a lifestyle. Eating plant-based is about consuming healthy whole-foods that invigorate you throughout your entire life.

By pledging to Create a Better You, Better World and signing this petition you're making it known to food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, politicians, hospitals, schools, world leaders, your community, friends, and loved ones, that you want to see a healthier world and you're willing to start with changing your own life FIRST.

As we gain signatures and join together to create a movement that positively impacts the world, we can live stronger and more vibrant lives. We can also effect change that is long overdue in the food industry. We can encourage major food sources, hospitals, and schools to offer and to produce REAL whole, healthy foods and meals. We can influence them by our individual selections and purchases. As a mass group, if we elect to put in our shopping carts plant-based foods and, if we request at restaurants, pure, whole, fresh plant-based options, this will cause these food source leaders to take note and make healthier changes.

Help us create a healthy living movement and community. Make a pledge to living healthier by making better eating choices, exercising, taking control of your thoughts, and serving others and the world through sustainable and charitable contributions.

We’re happy you’re deciding to join The Plant-Based Challenge movement! We need your support to make the world take notice and effect positive change!

Start Now: Take the pledge by signing the petition. Then share it with those you love to help encourage its success. Joining together creates a support system to ensure your personal and world goals are reached. We'll send you an email with free resources to help you get started on your plant-based lifestyle.

Founder's Note: Our sister site PCIN.TV is making a documentary film on the movement and community collaboration and efforts to create a Better You, Better World! Let us know if you'd like to be involved with the film.

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Thank you and please consider sharing this challenge with a friend...let's Create a Better You, Better World together!


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