Our Philosophy: The (mostly) Plant-Based Lifestyle

The Plant-Based Diet is your resource for delicious and nutritious, plant-based recipes, exercises, and healthy living for your mind, body, soul, and the planet too.

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Founder of ThePlantBasedDiet.com

The website was founded and is produced by lifestyle brand journalist, Phoebe Chongchua, and her video company,  Live Fit Films.

In our recipes, we strive to use organic, non-GMO, whole-food, mostly plant-based ingredients.

We feature recipes from our team here as well as reader/viewer submissions. We also work to promote community gardens and recipes that come from the people who work to grow healthy, organic produce for their communities.

Community gardens are the key to ending hunger and malnutrition. By bringing together a community and involving them in a democratic process of growing their own foods, we create not only camaraderie but also the ability to feed all socioeconomic levels as well as educate everyone about where and how food is the best medicine.

ThePlantBasedDiet.com_SquareLogoI founded The Plant-Based Diet after taking courses through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation on  Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition. It opened my eyes to how much damage we do to our bodies daily by what we eat. For the most part, many live to eat instead of eat to live.

My father died of prostate cancer in 2003. It was devastating watching the cancer mercilessly claim his life. He barely had any time to himself during his very brief retirement. He was just 72-years old. We don’t have to die the way my father did–in pain, on tons of medication, and with a disease viciously stripping his body of any nutrients.

I believe there is one diet (really I mean lifestyle) that allows us to nourish our bodies rather than deplete them. The Plant-Based Diet actually builds a healthier, stronger body.

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I started this blog to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. For years, I was a hula dancer, a fitness buff, and the early morning anchor for 10News in San Diego. I was fit from the outside but never thought much about what I was putting in my body. I ate poorly but exercised hard. I watched carbs and fats but ate a whole lot of protein. And, of course, had to have my protein shakes. Today, I believe you have to Live Fit, from the inside out to truly be healthy.

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What you’ll learn here is that high amounts of protein from animal meat and their by-products can create vulnerability in your body, weakening your immune system and causing it to be unable to battle diseases that can kill.

Read The China Study by the Campbell father-son team for specific studies and data. It’s enlightening.

Here we try to keep it simple. It can be very difficult to cut all meat and dairy foods out, so I like to call it “a mostly-plant-based lifestyle”. Keep everything mostly green, from whole foods, and unprocessed and you’ll Keep Fit! Browse around and send me an email with your thoughts or contact me to speak at your next event.

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