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Phoebe Chongchua is a whole-food, plant-based specialist. She earned her certificate in whole-food, plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation (author of The China Study). She has worked in the field of coaching and writing on wellness for more than a decade. Phoebe works with people who want to change their lives, whether it’s their diet or their lifestyle, she guides them through a journey to impact their life positively.Phoebe is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. She has a strong background in fitness. She hosted a TV segment called “Keep Fit With Phoebe” on 10News in San Diego for a decade. She’s also written for newspapers and magazines on fitness and healthy living. She has appeared on national TV in Body By Jake segments.

Phoebe works with clients to help them craft a lifestyle they love that begins with plant-based eating and spreads into the four areas of The Plant-Based Challenge: eating plant-based, exercise, her Worriless Living affirmations, and sustainable/charitable living.

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If you’re looking for a coach and plant-based specialist to guide you along your journey and help you succeed in all areas of your life, contact Phoebe for a free 20-minute consultation. Fill our the form below to set your appointment.

No-worries-cover-spine-3DFitness has been a part of Phoebe’s life for decades, but when her Thai father passed away in 2002 from prostate cancer, it deepened her thirst to explore “dis-ease”, the causes and the cures. Phoebe set out on a mission to explore the healthiest diet and lifestyles using herself for testing what she is exposed to. From the expert knowledge she received, Phoebe healed herself, naturally–without the use of Western medication–of several digestive ailments and “dis-eases” that she was diagnosed with 10 years ago. Through the adoption of eating a healthy, clean diet that is based mostly on whole foods and plant-based meals and drinks that are low in acidity and high in water content, Phoebe is symptom-free. She’s developed delicious and simple recipes that harmonize with the body and provide it with nutrients to satisfy and promote self-healing. Phoebe believes true healthy living is achieved in balanced living, which produces ultimate harmony. Her journey into the exploration of the mind, body, soul connection led her to write her book: No Worries! 5 Steps To Peace Even In Chaos.

Plant-Based Coaching includes:
  1. 12-week program via Zoom
  2. Autographed copy of No Worries!
  3. Email support for questions and guidance on plant-based eating/living
  4. Plant-Based Lifestyle book to jump start your transition

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I work as a life coach to also help you achieve your goals with plant-based eating and to live a happier, healthier life. I do not, however, replace your doctor. So always be sure to consult with your physician.

I believe that getting healthy happens from focusing on both what you’re putting in your mouth and in your mind. When you sign up for my program, I send you a free copy of my book, No Worries! 5 Steps To Peace, Even In Chaos. Together we work to create the life you want to lead.