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Phoebe Chongchua, Body by The Plant-Based
Phoebe Chongchua, Body by The Plant-Based

Plant-Based Challenge changes lives. I’ve been eating mostly plant-based for more than a decade and I’ve been helping others transition into eating more plant-based for nearly as long. Using my plant-based challenge to changes lives, I’ve seen people who really struggle with health issues improve and thrive by eating more whole foods from plants.

My Plant-Based Challenge Started With A Tragic Loss

Hi I’m Phoebe Chongchua and I’m challenging the community to Take The Plant-Based Diet Challenge. As a long-time fitness TV Host and a journalist certified in whole-food, plant-based nutrition, but I really became interested in plant-based eating after my dad died from prostate cancer in 2002. He was only 72 years old. He had been following a mostly plant-based diet before he migrated to the United States from Thailand but soon after living here he adopted what so many of us have lived on for far too long — the Standard American Diet — SAD — filled with processed, sugary, high sodium meals. You can read more about my story here.

I can’t stand to see how many Americans are neglecting their health. So I’m here to guide the community to a happier, healthier, life with the help of a group of experts in fitness, plant-based nutrition, the restaurant and self-improvement industries. Here you’ll get recipes and information on eating a plant-based diet and adopting the plant-based lifestyle.

Are you ready to take The Plant-Based Diet Challenge? Here at The Plant-Based Diet, we’re challenging the community to lose weight, Get Fit, Keep Fit, and Live Fit on The Plant-Based Diet.

Plant-Based Challenge Can Change Lives For The Better

Americans are fatter than ever. The global COVID-19 pandemic has made obesity an even greater problem. Nearly half of all Americans are obese and 42% of Americans say they gained weight during the pandemic. In California, alone, the obesity rate is projected to skyrocket by 2030. It’s expected that nearly 50% of California residents will qualify as obese.

No pills and healthcare reform can make Americans lean, fit, healthy, and strong. We must take responsibility for our own health and future by changing what we eat, how much we exercise, how we think, and adopting a charitable and sustainable lifestyle.

The Plant-Based Lifestyle Can Help You Thrive In Life Without Dieting

I really hate diets. So, what I mean by The Plant-Based Diet is what you consume daily for your meals not how you count your calories or restrict them. The food, drinks, and meals I promote here are meant to be incorporated into your life for the long haul not for a few months.

Yes, I understand sometimes we’re aiming for a goal within a certain period of time and so you do really need to diet. But, The Plant-Based Diet should be seen as a lifestyle that you embrace for life! And the plant-based challenge helps you to commit to becoming a healthier eater which in turn is likely going to motivate you to work out and keep a mindful watch on your attitude and thoughts. All of this, generally leads you to live more sustainably or, at least, begin to think about the planet and how we can preserve it. That’s what the Plant-Based Challenge is all about.

The Plant-Based Challenge is a lifestyle that creates fit, harmonious living–and it starts with YOU. Register to Take The Challenge, click the green button below.

Join us as we guide you to healthier living, increased energy, better plant-based eating, and greater mental awareness. It’s a Challenge you can’t afford to miss.

Register For The Plant-Based Challenge

By pledging to Create a Better You, Better World and signing this petition you’re making it known to food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, politicians, hospitals, schools, world leaders, your community, friends, and loved ones, that you want to see a healthier world and you’re willing to start with changing your own life FIRST.

As we gain signatures and join together to create a movement that positively impacts the world, we can live stronger and more vibrant lives. We can also effect change that is long overdue in the food industry. We can encourage major food sources, hospitals, and schools to offer and to produce REAL whole, healthy foods and meals. We can influence them by our individual selections and purchases. As a mass group, if we elect to put in our shopping carts plant-based foods and, if we request at restaurants, pure, whole, fresh plant-based options, this will cause these food source leaders to take note and make healthier changes.

Isn’t time you live the life you deserve: Happy, Healthy, and Full of Energy? It’s possible with The Plant-Based Challenge. Sign up and experience the difference.

Questions? Send an email to info [@] ThePlantBasedDiet [dot] com. Program launches this Fall 2013. Local and online events are being scheduled now.

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To get started following The Plant-Based Diet lifestyle, check out this helpful shopping list to stock your pantry and refrigerator.

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