Plant-Based & Healthy Living Seminars

Phoebe Chongchua is a video brand journalist who appears on TV and online, a speaker, and founder of The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast In each episode she helps make brands remarkable using brand journalism storytelling. Phoebe founded an Internet TV channel to help businesses connect with consumers. Stories focus on lifestyle, healthy living, travel, and home improvement. Watch Live Fit Magazine

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Take Out the Trash! A Mind at Peace has No Room for Worry!

This popular keynote also works very well as a three-hour or full-day seminar with a Plant-Based meal prepared during the seminar. Worry, stress, and fear can paralyze your success. Learn 14 Worriless Living principles to finally

trash your worry and stress and unleash hidden treasures. Balanced living is more than a buzz word–it’s the way to unlock your core dreams to live the life you’ve always wanted.

The 5-Step Peace Plan

  • A 5-Step Plan to Stop Worry, Anxiety, and Stress.
  • Foods that heal and reduce stress.
  • Learn Worriless Living Principles to attract success.
  • Understand how to trash all that is not serving your greatest goals.
  • Meditation, Yoga, and Pilates exercises to strengthen your core and center your focus.

Help Others Succeed: the Key to Creating Better Relationships, Increasing Productivity, and Getting What You Want!

Achieving success has never been easier. Learn to meet your goals by empowering and encouraging others to join in your efforts.

  • Understand what halts success and how to release a paralyzed state of inaction.
  • Learn how to find success through collaboration.
  • The meaning of a gift-economy and how it can help you.


Yoga & Pilates For Creating Healthy Habits

  • Phoebe Chongchua Dancer's Pose Yoga on ThePlantBasedDiet.comReceive detailed guidance and understanding of how more than 30 yoga poses positively impact your health and physical alignment
  • Create affirmations and learn how to utilize these mantras in your practice to best serve your greater good
  • Increase flexibility, stamina, and strength through Vinyasa flow that incorporates Yoga, Pilates, and even some Tahitian dancing…a unique practice designed to invigorate your body and stimulate creativity. See more, view or download the flyer, click here.