Vega All-In-One Shake

Delicious and nutritious. Vega all-in-one protein shake blends easily and is packed with plant-protein nutrients made from whole-food ingredients.

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After a powerful workout your body needs a good, healthy meal right away. Whole food, plant-based meals are great but sometimes I need something quick immediately following a workout.

Your body needs fuel ASAP (preferably within 30 minutes of your post workout).

I usually drink a healthy shake within minutes of completing my workout. Check out the video below for one protein shake I like called Vega One, you can get it here.

I recommend using a blender or the Magic Bullet. You can purchase the Magic Bullet using my Amazon link.

I also love to travel with a portable USB Magic Bullet so that I can blend shakes and add tofu (that doesn’t need refrigeration, berries, and protein powder. This portable Nutribullet is the one I use and it’s great!

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