Magic Bullet Portable Blender, 16 Ounces, USB Charging

The best blender for on-the-go blending. Compact and lightweight with a convenient handle lid, Keeps its USB charge for multiple blending sessions. It packs nicely in a suitcase.


The Magic Bullet Portable Blender has saved me on several business trips or vacations where I couldn’t get the food that I like. I bring along the portable blender and some protein or meal replacement powder. Then I pick up fruit, yogurt, tofu and blend it together in my hotel room. Works great and keeps its charge.

  • You can also use the infuser basket that sits right inside the blender. Fill it with herbs and/or fruit to make refreshing flavored water on the go.
  • The portable blender has a flip-and-sip lid design so you can easily take your drink with you and feel secure it won’t spill.
  • Each full charging session fills your battery with enough juice to power through 15+ blending cycles.
  • Compact and lightweight with a convenient handled lid, this little blender is designed to go wherever you go.
  • Packs easily and doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase. But, don’t try to carry it on the plane. It’s not allowed because of the blender blades.


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