Vegetable Spiralizer

My favorite equipment to spiralize. Turns vegetables into beautiful creations. Easy to use and clean. Love that it’s not plastic.


Following The Plant-Based Diet can seem a bit overwhelming but remember everything is difficult or strange at first. Give it time and you’ll adjust faster and easier than you might think possible.

To help you stick to a mostly plant-based diet (remember, I promote plant-based not necessarily plant-exclusive on this website), I’ll introduce you to products, restaurants, and markets where you can get your food, grocery items, and equipment.

You can find this Vegetable Spiralizer here and other products I love in my featured Phoebe’s Picks products here. If you buy a product using my affiliate link, it will give me a little bit of a financial boost to keep creating and educating people about the plant-based diet. And, it’ll certainly make me smile! 🙂

The great thing about plant-based eating is that it’s very limited cooking. You buy whole-food, plant-based groceries and use some nifty plant-based kitchen equipment to simplify the food prep.

That means more time to enjoy great conversation with family over a healthy, plant-based meal.

Most important, following The Plant-Based Diet will help you shed pounds, sleep better, and feel more energized because you’re reducing the high-calorie, junk food that is so abundant.

So, let’s get started! Check out my plant-based grocery list for some ideas and staple items that I always keep in stock, click here.


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