Living Well Tips

The Meaning of Living Well

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As I sit here drinking my tea, staring blankly at my computer, I ponder the complex meaning of living well… You see, living well could mean a number of things depending on who you talk to. To some, living well could mean having your family live in harmony together.  To others, living well could mean keeping in good physical health or having lots of money. Sadly, only 1 in 3 Americans claim to be truly happy and satisfied with the lives they live. This means that the majority of people are not living well.

Ultimately, I believe living well is enjoying life to it’s fullest without doing harm to your body, mind, or others. It’s about loving those who are in your capabilities to love, achieving goals, exploring the world, and taking care of your physical and mental health.

You may currently think these are unattainable or too good to be true, but are they really? Take a look at what you do every single day. You may consider it mostly monotonous and not amounting to any particular significance, but it all adds up to where you will be in the future. Even your smallest of habits define who you are. What are you doing to get you closer to your goals? Do you even have any goals? Are you doing what makes you happy or a better person? If you are, great! If not, now is the time to change.

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