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Creating A Better You, Better World™

The Plant-Based Challenge:

  1. Eat at least one whole-food, plant-based meal every day
  2. Exercise for 30 minutes daily
  3. Practice 30 Worriless Living Affirmations to live the life YOU want
  4. Participate in sustainable and charitable living daily

In just one month, you’ll experience the difference The Plant-Based Diet can do to improve your health. After 30 days we think you’ll be hooked and will continue on forever. It’s FREE to join and receive the content here on The Plant-Based Diet. Why not take the challenge and see how much better you will feel. Sign the pledge, click here.

Help us create a healthy living movement and community. Make a pledge to living healthier by making better eating choices, exercising, and taking control of your thoughts. We’re happy you’re deciding to join The Plant-Based Challenge movement!

If you’d like to immediately get support and go deeper into understanding The Plant-Based Diet, then become one of my coaching clients and receive PREMIUM CONTENT and one-on-one coaching online when you start your plant-based journey with my coaching program to Create A Better You, Better World!

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MEET PHOEBE CHONGCHUA, founder, journalist, yogi

Phoebe Chongchua, founder of and host of Live Fit Magazine, earned her certificate in Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition in 2010 from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation–a renowned organization that is making significant contributions to the health and wellness industry and is credited for helping President Bill Clinton change his diet to regain his health.

I believe there is one diet (really I mean lifestyle) that allows us to nourish our bodies rather than deplete them. The Plant-Based Diet actually builds a healthier, stronger body.

For years, I was a hula dancer, a fitness buff, and the early morning anchor for 10News in San Diego. I was fit from the outside but never thought much about what I was putting in my body. I ate poorly but exercised hard. I watched carbs and fats but ate a whole lot of protein. And, of course, had to have my protein shakes. Today, I believe you have to Live Fit from the inside out to truly be healthy.

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What you’ll learn here is that high amounts of protein from animal meat and their by-products can create vulnerability in your body, weakening your immune system and cause it to be unable to battle diseases that can kill. Our mission is to help people live healthy lives through nutritious (mostly plant-based) meals, Keep Fit exercises, success affirmations, and sustainable and charitable living.

Eat Fit, Get Fit, Live Fit!

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