Worriless Living Affirmations

Life is tough, so why not give your body, mind, and soul a hand up by feeding it the nutritious foods and positive mental stimulation it needs to thrive?

It’s not just what we eat. It’s what we feed our brains that matter as well.

The story that’s deep inside you, the self-talk that’s taking up space in your head is either promoting success or causing you to fail.

As part of The Plant-Based Challenge, choose one of these Worriless Living Affirmations and recite it daily. Choose one that speaks to you on any given day. Let the words resonate in your mind and soul. It’s best to sit quietly for a period of 15-30 minutes while meditating on the affirmation and its meaning to you. You can also create a 30-day journal book and record your journey.

The more you practice these affirmations, you will notice more clarity, greater awareness, and the ability to attract what you want in your life. You can also create your own positive affirmations.

However, be careful to focus only on what you want to attract in your life. Use disempowering phrases. Uplift your mind and soul. Practice. Meditate. Be kind to yourself and allow the work to begin in you.

    1. I choose an optimistic attitude. What I focus on I will attain. I choose to be successful, transforming woes to wonders. I choose to be a catalyst, creating success in my life and the lives of those I meet—and even those I may never know.
    2. I ask, “Why not?” I am open to receiving new ideas, information, and opportunity—through an inquisitive mind, a soul filled with hope and faith, I welcome the chance to learn and try things that I have never done before. I invite creative collaboration into my life.
    3. I have a purpose in life. I live successfully. I know what I am fighting for, and am committed to succeeding. I understand that at times I may feel disconnected from my purpose, but I have the power to reconnect and awaken the spirit in me that knows what I am fighting for.
    4. I take action, no matter how small or big. I recognize that everything I do matters to my life, to those I know, and to others I may never know. I am responsible for my choices and behavior. I make decisions and take action in a timely fashion.
    5. I open my heart to forgiveness and know that justice comes only from within. I hold only the precious memories that serve me well. I practice patience, tolerance, and understanding—I am completely successful and richly rewarded when my heart is open to receive.
    6. I acknowledge my feelings as part of life’s experiences. I choose my reactions. I am mindful of my feelings and know that they can easily be ignited. But, through careful consideration, I select the behavior and thoughts that guarantee me successful living.
    7. I create positive expectations. What I desire I will acquire. What I believe, I will live; therefore, I fill my mind with thoughts that support my intentions of successful living. I surround myself with optimistic people. I am financially successful and attract great rewards for my efforts.
    8. I know that I will survive. In fearful or sad moments I remember that this too shall pass. I remember my moments of joy and can reconnect to them. I focus on solutions that bring greater success into my life.
    9. I have many opportunities and my options are plentiful. I invite good things and good people into my life, and then gladly open the door to receive them.
    10. I recognize that my past is behind me and that now, in the present, I create my destiny. I clear away old, negative mental clutter and accept new, positive messages in its place.
    11. I turn rejection into direction. When I am told “No” I find another way. I have a purpose and am committed to my intentions to find the direction that brings me successful living.
    12. I know that in all circumstances it is my option to choose peace—I choose to embrace peace and eliminate conflict. In all conversations I actively listen to gain meaningful information. I practice the PEACE Plan to guide me to calm, fulfilled living even when times are chaotic.
    13. I Take Out the Trash and with it all of my excuses. I realize that every time I rid myself of my excuses, I bring successful living and harmony into my life. I am responsible for my life.
    14. I laugh and live freely. I accept that there will be challenges. I face them bravely with humor and gratitude for what I already have accomplished. I realize that every chuckle helps me to create the life I intend to live.

    The following affirmations are from my Guided Meditation video.

    1. My Health is optimal.
    2. My Emotions are balanced and support me.
    3. My Environment is
    4. My Rest is relaxing and replenishing.
    5. My Life is how I want it to be.
    6. My Strength comes from within.
    7. My Income is constantly increasing.
    8. My Joy flows through every cell in my body.
    9. My Friendships are nourishing
    10. My Service is making the world a better place.

    A few more to round out your month of practicing affirmations daily.

    1. All is well in my life.
    2. All is happening perfectly.
    3. I am guided by a greater source of wisdom.
    4. I am supported in every way.
    5. I am surrounded and filled with love.
    6. I am filled and in the presence of all that is good.


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