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Siena Marilyn Ledger

Siena Marilyn Ledger (Playwright) they/he/she is a playwright and actor from San Diego, CA. Their educational journey includes graduating from Cal State Fullerton’s BFA Acting program and completing the Tutterow Fellowship at Chicago Dramatists. Siena is also a vegan and writer for The Plant-Based Diet. Siena has been following a plant-based diet for more than 15 years.

Supporters of the Plant-Based Diet

Find out why Michael Dorn became a vegan.

The Plant-Based Challenge recruited the foremost experts and leaders in healthcare and wellness. We are guided by the principles of those you see on this page. Each expert shares knowledge, a passion to help create a Better YOU, Better World through living in harmony and in balance in diet, thought, and action. With the vital information shared by this group of experts, you’ll find the path to healing and living well is within reach. We thank each of these respected leaders who are giving their service to the world via their books, films, talks, treatments, and products. We encourage you to follow them and their progress in helping the world Live Fit!

Mimi Kirk, on ThePlantBasedDiet.com

Mimi Kirk gained popularity when she was voted The Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 by PETA. She was 70 at the time. Now at the age of 75 she is the Best Selling Author of LIVE RAW, Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty, LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD, and a third book to be released fall 2014. She is a raw food chef, sought after speaker, and health consultant. Mimi can be seen on her Youtube channel where she demonstrates how to prepare delicious raw food dishes. She has been interviewed by NBC, KUSI, Fox and has appeared on national TV, The Doctors, RTL, Germanys largest TV station, and interviewed on a Bulgarian TV show. Kirk has appeared on the covers of Get Fresh, a UK magazine, LUX a Portuguese magazine, EVA a Bulgarian magazine, and several others around the world. Mimi passion is helping others attain a holistic healthy way of living. She travels the world lecturing and sharing her secrets on how to live a long healthy life. Visit her website click here.

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