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Eating Well In Order To Live Well

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Eating well is fundamental to living well. It is no secret that the United States has a bad reputation for overly processed, fatty, high-meat protein foods. And it shows! Obesity, cancer, diabetes, as well as countless other disorders and diseases all stem from poor diets and toxins found in various processed foods. Even some products that claim to be health conscious are actually far from it.

It’s important to completely cut out or, at least, limit processed foods. Don’t just take the covers at their words. Read labels and ingredients. Even some “organic” products can contain certain preservatives that are neither nutritional nor organic. Then begin cutting meat-derived proteins from your diet or, at least, cut back. Other foods such a soy-based products or rice and bean combinations offer your body complete proteins that are healthier for you. I challenge you to commit to eating well for at least one month. Use the Plant-Based Challenge as a guideline.

Eating healthy does not have to mean you can’t enjoy food. If it’s prepared correctly, eating plant-based is both appetizing and satisfying. Find recipes you like and can enjoy without breaking the rules and see how you feel. Over time, I guarantee you will notice a difference, and in a good way. You will have more energy, feel stronger, and live better!

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