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Tips For Traveling On The Plant-Based Diet

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It is always a good idea to pack your bags and take a trip, whether by car, boat, plane, or bus.  However, traveling with the plant-based diet in mind can prove challenging if you aren’t prepared. It can definitely be tempting to fall off the “bandwagon”.   With these simple tips, you don’t have to. Planning ahead is key to a successful and plant-based vacation.

  1. Stay hydrated. Make sure you pack a water bottle with purified water or one that contains a built in water purifier. For a little extra flavor, add some strawberries or fresh mint leaves. Also, watch a video on the importance of drinking water by clicking here!
  2. Pack pre-made snacks. By bringing plant-based snacks you have prepared yourself, you will be less likely to go on a binge out of desperation and hunger while traveling.
  3. Map out restaurants that have plant-based meals or menu before you leave. Finding restaurants that serve plant-based meals is becoming more common than you would think. Even if it’s not on the menu, some chefs are willing to create custom dishes if you ask.
  4. Say active. If you can’t keep up your regular work-out routine, doing activities that require physical energy will help you stay fit.
  5. Relieve stress before and during your trip.  Some trips are more stressful than others and doing whatever makes you less stressed (i.e. concentrated breathing, positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, etc) is a must. See affirmations here.
  6. Enjoy yourself! The plant-based challenge is all about living a happier, healthier life which means enjoying the food you eat, eating food that will improve your health, and enjoying what you are doing is essential.

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